Ace Padel announces investment from Los Angeles based EEP Capital

September 15, 2023, Laguna Beach, California – Ace Padel is the latest investment for EEP Capital, the innovative sports investment firm. With Ace Padel’s global hospitality mindset and first-class amenities, Ace Padel’s concept is to create a distinct club experience equipped with a variety of amenities to ensure an exceptional playing experience. 

“We saw Padel’s success in Europe and limitless potential in the US. Now we are focused on creating Ace; a unique experience for players and peers to socialize, network, be active and tap into their competitive nature. Our goal is to provide elite facilities with a sense of luxury to ensure the best experience before, during, and after. We want our clientele to experience and feel like they are stepping into a new future Padel experience. Due to this, we have conceptualized our brand and drawn inspiration from established contemporary brands from all over the world.”

– Elliot Carnello, CEO & Founder Ace Padel. 

Ace Padel was conceptualized and developed in the United States in 2021. The concept is to combine the passion for sport with a sense of luxury, familiarity and overall well being. Ace Padel Tampa facilities will feature Padel courts, concierge, state-of-the-art gym, as well as provide a range of options to accommodate business/corporate events, tournaments, yoga, product releases or other smaller social gatherings. 

“Peter and Elliot both have great backgrounds as entrepreneurs which is clear from their plans for Ace Padel and given their locations in Florida and Southern California, they have a bi-coastal knowledge. We’re excited about their upcoming, upscale Padel club and their connections with real estate partners to help complete that plan. We witnessed first-hand their ability to execute their plans when they flawlessly hosted a Pro Am tournament in Beverly Hills earlier this year.”

– Alan Flatt, President EEP Capital. 

Currently, Ace is planning to open up facilities in Tampa (2024), West Palm Beach (2024/2025) and Los Angeles (2024). Ace Padel works closely with an American/Swedish business developer Index Investment Group who creates value in real estate and renewable energy. The business plan is to have 12 facilities in the US with +100 courts within five years. The company’s initial focus is on Florida and Southern California. 

“We are excited to partner with Ace Padel, a leading luxury Padel initiative set on growing into the largely untapped US market. Index is a partner in successful Padel facilities in Sweden and believes in the continued international growth and popularity of Padel. Ace Padel is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth while adding a distinct touch to the sport that sets them apart from the few existing market entrants by heavily pushing on the social component of the sport. Upon establishing themselves throughout the US, we believe that Ace Padel has the potential to become a leading luxury Padel brand and are committed to helping them achieve this goal by partnering with them in facilities at some of our A+ project development locations throughout Florida.”

– Bjarne Borg, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Index Investment Group.

EEP Capital, the first dedicated venture capital firm for the US Padel market, is focused on national expansion of the sport and has current investments on both coasts of the US.

“Strategically, EEP Capital is a perfect partner for us as we move into the next phase in the Padel boom taking over North America. EEP’s international team and our real estate partner, Index Investment Group have elements that marry well with Ace Padel’s values and visions. The blending of our Swedish and American respective resources will create a successful partnership as we work together in expanding Ace’s presence and the growing enthusiasm surrounding Padel in the United States.”

– Peter Carnello, Chairman & Founder Ace Padel

About Ace Padel

Ace Padel – Official Home of Social Sports, was established in Europe and the United States in 2021. The concept is to combine the passion for sport with a sense of luxury, familiarity and overall well-being with inclusivity as signposts. Founders Peter and Elliot Carnello collectively possess a significant depth and breadth of experience both within high level sports; primarily Tennis and Padel, as well as brand management and strategic product placement in the entertainment/media industry.

By applying their extensive experience in sports, premium brand management, and the entertainment industry Elliot and Peter have created, conceptualized and developed the product and brand specifically for the US premium key-market. Ace Padel is the natural result of their collaboration and combined skills.

About EEP Capital

EEP Capital was established in 2022 to provide early-stage venture capital and know-how to US based Padel entrepreneurs. EEP Capital invests in early-stage companies including consumer oriented Padel clubs, high growth opportunities in sports technology, consumer goods, and sports teams, as well as providing best-practice know-how in Padel sport to help secure long-term success. The company was founded by seasoned Padel entrepreneurs, former corporate executives and professional athletes with main focus on investing in the US market. EEP Capital is based in Laguna Beach, CA, and is an affiliate of EE Padel, a global supplier of Padel courts and accessories.

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Our goal is not only to bring Padel, the fastest growing sport globally to the US market, but to elevate all aspects of the total experience surrounding the racquet sport lifestyle.

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