Partnering up with Index Investment Group

Ace Padel works closely with an American/Swedish business developer Index Investment Group who creates value in real estate and renewable energy. Our goal is to have at least 12 Ace Padel facilities in the US with +100 courts within five years. Initially, the focus is on Florida and Southern California. 

Bjarne Borg, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Index Investment Group:

“We are excited to partner with Ace Padel, a leading luxury Padel initiative set on growing into the largely untapped US market.  Index is partner in some successful Padel facilities in Sweden and believes in the continued international growth and popularity of Padel. Ace Padel is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth while adding a distinct touch to the sport that sets them apart from the few existing market entrants by heavily pushing on the social component of the sport. Upon establishing themselves throughout the US, we believe that Ace Padel has the potential to become a leading luxury Padel brand and are committed to helping them achieve this goal by partnering with them in facilities at a couple of our A+ project development locations throughout Florida.”

Join the movement

Ace Padel LLC will transform the sport of Padel from an newly emerging US phenomenon to a major premium brand.

Our goal is not only to bring Padel, the fastest growing sport globally to the US market, but to elevate all aspects of the total experience surrounding the racquet sport lifestyle.

Investor relations