Smashing Success at the 2023 L.A. Padel Invitational: Bigger, Better, and Brimming with Anticipation for 2024!

Earlier this year in April 2023, the opening of the first annual “L.A. Padel Invitational by Ace Padel” was launched, directed by Elliot Carnello and Robert Hissom. A Pro Am competition and event in Beverly Hills CA with enormous interest and support. A successful and appreciated competition both from the amateurs and professional players, the audience, the sponsors, and the organizers. The planning of the next L.A Padel Invitational 2024 is underway as well as other upcoming locations. Ace Padel will go out to different locations both with fixed and mobile solutions over time and meet our customers with different experiences and events.

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Ace Padel LLC will transform the sport of Padel from an newly emerging US phenomenon to a major premium brand.

Our goal is not only to bring Padel, the fastest growing sport globally to the US market, but to elevate all aspects of the total experience surrounding the racquet sport lifestyle.

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